Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Year, New Me?

Eh yeah.. so, I do realise that it is the 24 January and the year is not so shiny and new. I also realise that it is a long long time since I last posted here. So long, I'm pretty sure you all think I've either died, piled on all the weight, lost interest in all things social media or am no longer a bride.  None of these things are true.  I am alive and kicking, I have not piled on ALL the weight, I would NEVER loose interest in social media, ever, and the wedding is, of course, still going ahead. Full steam ahead as it were.. but more on that later.

So where have I been and what have I been doing? I've been to a medical centre in Switzerland and they starved me and sucked all the fat out of me and now I'm six inches taller and about six inches wide. It has all been a massive success.... sorry, you know I'm lying.  The six inches taller was the give away right? Too far?

I have really been sitting around and not doing much.  I kind of lay under the joint pain thing and gave up on everything really.  Apart from the fact that I was in a lot of pain most of the time, I just felt that because I wasn't moving, I wasn't loosing weight, so I didn't see the point in going to my classes.  I also let the winter nights get in to my head and was quite happy to reacquaint myself with my ass indent on the couch.

As the New Year rolled in I decided to change my attitude!

Firstly, I went to see a specialist about this joint malarkey.  Apparently, and I waited over four months for the appointment and three and half hours in a stinky waiting room to be told this, it's a virus.  I have to keep taking the pain killers and other medication as and when I need it. And it will eventually leave me of its own accord... Unacceptable was the word I used.  So I decided to turn to the airy fairy sort of medicine. You know, the natural route.  I went to see a lovely man who is an osteopath.  He examined me.  Was more patient with my descriptions of what was wrong and how it was affecting me and, most importantly, the wonderful man fixed me! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it you Rheumatologists!

He discovered a number of things for me.  Firstly, a couple of discs in my back were a bit twisted out and he manipulated them back into place for me.  Secondly, my hips were not aligned so he realigned me.  Thirdly he did some acupuncture on me.  The first two things I was grand about.  Bit of breathing, few cracks here and there and a little rub.  I will admit the pelvis bit got a bit awkward, not because of anything inappropriate, but because I am incredibly ticklish and the poor man couldn't touch me without me curling up into the foetal position and rolling around the place laughing.  It was embarrassing for everyone concerned because it got to the point that every time I calmed down and he made to move toward me again I'd crease up! We had to move on to other things because it was just plain ridiculous!

The acupuncture was not my most favourite thing to happen to me in my life.  In fact, I think it's pretty safe to say I would rather it never happen to me again.  Ever. Apparently my muscles were all inflamed and all in all, a little upset from the last couple of months and the only way to calm them was to stick a needle in and twist.  The final thing the lovely man told me was something I've known all my life but never in a million years thought it would, or could, inflict this kind of pain on me.

I have knocked knees.

Yes, my knees are not only knobbly and full of scars from my inability to remain upright on a moving bicycle, they are knocked.  I have fallen arches which result in knocked knees.  When I started running with my gammy knees it knocked discs out in my back. and misaligned my pelvis.  All this knocking and twisting and mis-aligning resulted in the pains in my joints.

I have had more relief, energy and movement in my life in the three weeks since I went to see this man than I have in the last 4 months.  It's amazeballs.

The downside to it all is that I cannot run.  My knees will always give me jip when running. So I've taken to walking again.  Not as fulfilling but sure aren't I moving, and that's the main thing.

As January is a month for mourning the loss of your salary to festivities, I have decided that I will return to my weight watchers class on the 28 January.  There I will, hopefully, see the rewards of a January filled with good eating, no drinking and lots of moving. So, as the pic above says... New body under construction (again!)

Down to the wedding stuff....

There are only 69 days left till the wedding - not that I am doing a countdown or anything. I am so excited! I have been DYING for January to come so I can finally say that the wedding is this year. And the time if flying by.  Everything is pretty much sorted and intercultural (apart from that little number of the weighing scales!).  Now is just a case of waiting. Impatiently, mind, but waiting nonetheless.  I have an appointment to go pick up "The One" on the 3 February. I have been dreaming about our reunion.  I have been imagining every little detail of it. I  can't believe I will only get to wear my wedding dress (aka The One) once... I'm going to have to start thinking of an event I can wear it to.. .someone else's wedding?!! Only kidding!

I will be back to class on Monday and update on what the result is... hopefully I will have great losses!

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