Friday, October 5, 2012

6 Months and Counting....

My updates have been a bit scarce on the ground for a couple of reasons.

  1. I haven't been to WW for two weeks because I have joint pain (more in a bit) - which is a REALLY lame excuse and the real reason is;
  2. I turned 30 on the 23 September and I haven't been able to stop celebrating....
Joint Pain

I am currently doing a very good impression of an arthritic 90 year old woman.  Various different joints are hurting me on a daily basis - not even the same ones! It could be a combination of my ankles, knees and wrists on Monday, toes, thumbs and elbows on Tuesday, or, like today, hips, elbows, knees and ankles. I suppose it is nice to wake up each morning and play the 'where's the pain today' game, keeps it from getting boring ya know? Yesterday my ankle swelled up - which was new!  I have been to my Doctor and in all her wisdom she tells me I am fine.   To which I reply, constant aches and pains is fine for you is it?  So investigation into why I am sore is on going.  Dr Google tells me its either Chronic Arthritis or Heamochromatosis...

Turning 30

Apparently, turning 30 isn't so bad, especially when you get to celebrate. Constantly.  I am pretty sure I am into week 4 of the celebrations and some have suggested if I don't stop celebrating soon, it may be time to plan my 40th!

It all began with a surprise birthday party in work which had cake and sweets and balloons and banners and a very red faced Rachbomb!  Followed by dinner and drinks

Then I headed up to Donegal for some family time and to celebrate with my Twinnie! And by God did we celebrate.. there were sambuca shots at 4pm quickly followed by champagne, beer, wine, more sambuca and I think a jager-bomb which, as it turns out, may have been the one that is one to many...


THEN! Just when I thought it was all over, himself went and organised a surprise meal and drinks with all my friends...

Me.. waiting impatiently to find out what my surprise is

My birthday cake... (don't even think about how many ProPoints in this bad boy!)

 Making a wish... another one!
Me and the Surprise Giver....

It has to be said, he did a fantastic job of surprising me. He got almost all of my favorite people together with the exception of a couple of friends that couldn't make it! But it was a brilliant night. He even had a balloon for me!!

So the last couple of weeks have been a blurr of laughing, drinking, hanging over (and there was one particularly baaaad hangover which will forever more be known as "Sick-Gate, the Sequel" and I honestly thought the priest would need to be called and my coffin picked out!)

I will be back to weight watchers on Monday to face the lb riddled music and get focused again!

In other news...

This day 6 months... We'll be going to the chapel and we'll be going to get marrrrried! I am so excited! I cannot believe there is only 6 months to go!! Tomorrow we go wedding cake shopping (might get himself to do all the tasting given my imminent return to TSC(The Soul Crusher)) I was looking at all the lurverly creations on the cake lady's website and I honestly have no idea how we are going to pick.!

I am now on the hunt for wedding shoes.  If anyone has any suggestions on where I should go hunting, please let me know.  Not really into the bridal shoe look but want something that will be beautiful under my dress!

Have a great weekend

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